Coverage Calculator


How do you calculate the amount of epoxy resin needed for a river table pour?

While an online calculator is handy, it is only an estimator. 

You simply multiple the length of the pour by the depth of the pour by the average width of the pour.

When calculating the average width of the pour, measure the width every 6 inches along the entire work piece and then divide by the total number of width measurements you took to determine our average width.

Length (L) X Average Width (AVG W) by Depth (D) 

So your sizing is: 96” long x 6” average width of river x 2" depth = 1152 cubic inches

We estimate each gallon to contain about 220 cubic inches.

WAIT! That's not accurate!

Yes, we know it's a bit more than 220. It's just good practice to order more. You might want to run a test before the big pour and/or you could have some unexpected leaks. It's always better to have left overs than not enough.

So if 1152/220 is 5.24 gallons we should order an 8 gallon kit and we would be safe with some extra leftover to make grandma a gift still. 


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